Scholarly editions of the Bible usually dedicate space to a critical apparatus and various kinds of annotations. SHEBANQ introduces the idea of annotating the text with queries. They show up next to the chapters where the results are. Through it, you can fire MQL queries at the morphological and syntactical ETCBC database (BHSA). Shebanq was developed by Dirk Roorda of DANS labs in conjunction with the ETCBC.

Text-Fabric (with BHSA)

Text-Fabric is a Python module used for accessing the ETCBC’s BHSA syntactic data. It enables researchers to search for advanced linguistic/exegetical patterns and build sophisticated functions for arranging, rearranging, and creating data.

Text-Fabric can be run in an iPython notebook where the data processing can be displayed and visualized through code cells, tables, and graphs.

TF was built by Dirk Roorda of DANS labs in conjunction with the ETCBC.

Bible Online Learner

Bible Online Learner is a platform for teachers and students of the Biblical Languages that teaches students language grammar through a corpus-driven approach. Students are quizzed on vocabulary, parsing, and grammar with data pulled directly from the ETCBC database. Bible Online Learner is developed by Nicolai Winther-Nielsen.