The Eep Talstra Centre for Bible and Computer


The Eep Talstra Centre for Bible and Computer develops and maintains an advanced syntactic database of the Hebrew Bible.

The methodology of the ETCBC prioritizes syntactic analysis over semantic, literary, or rhetorical analysis. Formal indicators, rather than functional, comprise the framework of the database.

Linguistic information is encoded hierarchically at the word, phrase, clause, and text levels. The activities of the ETCBC include encoding new texts (data creation) and utilizing already encoded texts for linguistic research.

The most recent fixed version of the data, BHSA 2017, is available on Github and is archived on Zenodo. Version 4c is being updated periodically. An earlier version, 4b, was in 2015 deposited on DANS-EASY, following versions ETCBC4 (2014) and ETCBC3 (2012).

A good way to cite the BHSA is by its DOI (Zenodo): It is even better, to provide this link: It points to the GitHub repo.

The BHSA and Text-Fabric are in the Arctic Vault (

For a virtual exhibition on the history on the occasion of its 40th anniversary (1977-2017), see the website of the VU University Library.