Completed Dissertations


  • Readings in the Tiqqune Sopherim: Insights for the Doctrine of Biblical Inspiration in African Evangelicalism
    Kingsley Yorgio
    Thesis defense: 14 November.


  • Roles and Relations in Biblical Law A Study of Participant Tracking, Semantic Roles, and Social Networks in Leviticus 17–26
    Christian Canu Højgaard 
    Thesis defense: 8 July (cum laude) [full text]
  • Dynamics of Prophetic Interpretation: An Analysis of the Historicist Reading of Daniel 8 by Martin Luther, Isaac Newton, William Miller, And Ellen White
    J.H. (Jón) Stefánsson

    Thesis defence: 15 December. [full text]

  • Investigating the Text-hierarchical Structures and Composition of Numbers
    Jin Gyu Sang.
    Thesis defence: 21 December. [full text]


  • Syntactic Variation in Clause Structure in Biblical Hebrew
    M. Naaijer
    Thesis defense: 1 December (cum laude) [full text]


  • Translating Zephaniah in Context: A Study of Hebrew and Jusu Rhetorical Discourse Analysis
    B. R. Willits
    Thesis defence: 13 May, full text.
  • A Nova Aliança Em Tempos De Juízo. Uma visão aplicada da mensagem de Jeremias (Jeremiah: The New Covenant for life in a context of Judgment)
    K. H. Kepler (EST Colleges, Brasil; research stay at ETCBC 2017-2018)
    Thesis defence: 24 July, full text.


  • Participants, Roles and Characters. A Literary, Text-Syntactical and Cultural-Anthropological Study of Genesis 26:34–28:22
    C. N. Chebineh
    Thesis defense: 10 April, full text.
  • The Art of Biblical Performance: Performance Criticism and the Genre of the Biblical Narratives
    T. M. West
    Thesis defense: 29 May, full text.


  • Verbal Forms in Biblical Hebrew Poetry: Poetic Freedom or Linguistic System?
    G. J. Kalkman
    Thesis defence: 21 September, full text.
  • The Self-Enclosing God. John Chrysostom and Ephrem Syrus on Divine Self-Limitation as Gift of Love in Genesis 1–3
    R. Hunt
    Thesis defence: 14 December, full text.