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Eep Talstra Centre for Bible and Computer | Website for the Eep Talstra Centre for Bible and Computer at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


The Eep Talstra Centre for Bible and Computer is a research center at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Faculty of Theology. The ETCBC develops and maintains an advanced syntactic database of the Hebrew Bible and researches issues related to Ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, and Syriac syntax and exegesis by applying computational and statistical methods.



The ETCBC offers an MA specialization in Biblical Studies and Digital Humanities.


Tracing Patterns across Translations. Applying Colibri Core Techniques to the Peshitta.

This second blogpost for the PaTraCoSy project brings us to a first discussion of the translation patterns from the Hebrew Bible into the Peshitta. Before we can address the results, we briefly describe how we constructed the model. After installation of Colibri Core,...

Aligning Hebrew and Syriac Genesis. Initial Results of the PaTraCoSy Project. 

This very first blogpost seeks to report on our advancements in the PaTraCoSy (PAtterns in TRAnslation: Using COlibriCore for the Hebrew Bible corpus and its SYriac translation) project, which is funded by CLARIAH. The overall goal of this project is to use the...

Using the ETCBC database for exploring social networks in Biblical law

  The Mosaic laws of the Torah are quite unusual, embedded as they are in the narrative of the Torah. Thus, they are not only commands and prohibitions but relate intrinsically to the grand storyline of Torah extending from creation to the impending conquest of...