The ETCBC would like to welcome all who are interested to our upcoming colloquiums throughout the Spring semester. We will have a variety of speakers, touching on topics such as Hebrew vocabulary training and statistical approaches to diachronic Hebrew language change. See the full schedule below. You can always check our Google Calendar to see the most up to date event information.

Date (2018) Time Location Presention by Topic
Thu 1 Feb 13.30-15.30 2E 31-33 (Senaatszaal) Jeremy Bullard Finding the “easiest” chapters in the Hebrew Bible
Mon 12 &
Tue 13 Mar
Full day TBA Various speakers LinkSyr workshop. Details to be announced
Mon 9 Apr 14.00-16.00 2E 31-33 (Senaatszaal) Cody Kingham & Etienne van de Bijl A Probabilistic Approach to Linguistic Variation and Change in Biblical Hebrew
Thu 17 May 11.00-13.00 2E 31-33 (Senaatszaal) T.B.A. T.B.A.
Tue 29 May From 13.45 Aula PhD ceremony Travis West The Art of Biblical Performance: Biblical Performance Criticism and the Genre of Biblical Narratives